I feel good. I feel James Brown good, because I just got a ridiculous amount of work done on this snow day. It snowed five inches in the Greater DC area. My first winter as a Regular Person i.e. a non field reporter means that I did not spend the snow day outside. I did not experience the elements. My hands did not freeze.

Sure I missed it. I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t miss the responsibility, the sense of purpose, and the message I provided people on TV. But watching the local news reporters up here (many the same age as me), I thought to myself I’ve been there and I’ve done that. Now I’m doing something else, and I’m happy with it. I feel good about it.

I’ve always been creative and a writer. So now I get to do both of those things all day long. I do other things. I teach and I’m learning how to teach better, so I did a bunch of work today associated with that.

It was so ridiculous, the amount of reading and writing I did today, that by the time I figured out it was Mardi Gras, a holiday I usually enjoy with Cajun food and delicious cheap beer, it didn’t even matter.Yeah, it would have been cool to have appropriated some beads.

However, my mind had exposed itself to the world in such lovely ways that I just visualized putting a garland of plastic beads around my mind. I was that productive. And that makes me feel good.