The tributes from cartoonists around the world for the Charlie Hebdo satirists bring tears to my eyes. They are so moving and so essentially true.  No one can take away our rights as free people to express ourselves and point out the absurdity of extremists everywhere.

Satire makes us laugh. It makes us shake our heads and say “you know, that is so true.’ Humor illuminates the realities of life. Humor makes things accessible, no matter how high or low. We relate. No idealistic bent,– be it religion or money or celebrity or whatever, name your sacred thing!– is safe from being laughed at.

Social media is the tool through which we show our solidarity. #NousSommesCharlie on Twitter and Facebook. We are showing the terrorists that an attack on freedom only strengthens our commitment to freedom.

The terrorists targeted men and women using pencils and pens. The most traditional writing utensils we have.

In the age of the internet, they murder cartoonists? In the age of social media, they target a print newspaper with a small circulation?

Terrorists are ridiculous. They are absurd. They are everything the cartoons expose them to be.

I remember that nursery rhyme, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”
Terrorists, you guys need to grow the f* up.