When I write, I build an Indiana Jones-style bridge over an abyss. I put forth one wooden plank at a time. On shaky but sturdy ground I plod forward, placing plank after plank onto the rope foundation until eventually the frayed bridge swaying from crag to crag is complete, and I hopefully cross to the mountain on the other side of the abyss. You never know what stories will cross the abyss and what won’t, destined to never sit on a table in Barnes and Noble, destined to never touch spines with Barefoot Contessa’s latest cookbook or Lena Dunham’s latest overshare.


Writing is…THIS:


Writing fiction is a fantastic, crazy love affair. It’s like courting Humphrey Bogart,


or Christian Bale,

or Elvis Presley,

or Alfie,



or Alf.



You just don’t know how the hell it’s going to turn out, or where the hell it is going, until it’s over.

Writing is frickin’ challenging. And it’s also frickin’ FUN.

I’m open to constructive criticism. All writers are. We have to be. When the average writer takes 19 times to get a work published anywhere, we have to be. We’re like amoebas. We learn how to adapt pretty dang quickly.

But if you dare try to cut the cords of the feeble little bridges we construct to cross the abyss,

Writing is THIS:


The piece of writing we are working on is precious.

I want to know, what do YOU think writing is like?